July, 2018

First test of OCR from casualty list from National Archives. Results were terrible, but there were results. Need to adjust contrast and try again.

Late January, 2018

Test search form built. AWS Lambda set up to act on form contents. AWS API Gateway set up and linked back to AWS Lambda. Getting ready to link everything back to search form and ... wait a minute. Search form interacts with database. Need to build another contact form?

More likely, build out a form in the contribution page allowing people to explain what they want to see (if they contribute). Need to link to RECAPTCHA account first to prevent robots from running wild with contact form. (Will RECATCHPA play well with AWS Lambda? Who knows?) Paypal contributions buttons will show up eventually.

Mid January, 2018

DNS issues resolved. Domain name works correctly and goes to this site.

January 5-6, 2018

Files moving to AWS. DNS updates to AWS taking place.

December, 2017

Setting up web site pages.